Bringing nature inside

Liven your environment, your mood, and your well-being with intentional interior plant design for your home and workplace.


Interior Plant Design

Forget buying into home decor trends every few months or years. How about your very own plant paradise, or even a simple yet pleasing green space, that looks good and improves your life?

Introducing natural elements of the earth into your space will never go out of style – because human beings naturally crave their presence and impact on our bodies & minds.
(Seriously – it’s in our biology!)

In short, it’s the sustainable, inspiring, and life-giving approach to beautifying any room…and we’re here to show you how it’s done.

Who we are

Foster Spaces is a globally-inspired plant design studio based in Grand Rapids, with a mission to empower people through green spaces.

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The presence of plants and natural elements has been shown to:

Reduce stress (both physiological and psychological)

Increase productivity and creativity

Enhance mood and prompt healing

Improve sleep quality

Did you know

93% of people spend most of their time indoors, which means we’re completely missing out on an essential element in life: NATURE.

Just because we live in cities that meet our every convenience doesn’t mean we don’t need Mother Nature in our day-to-day. Humans need doses of it now more than ever, and plants are quite literally an antidote you’re looking for to stress and hustle culture. Science says so…and we’ve seen and felt it, too. That’s why we help you start right where you’re at – the spaces you dwell in the most.

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We are amazed at how well their design matched our vision and has brought new life to the space. The office not only looks polished and professional and alive, but it uplifts and brightens the workplace, making it a more productive environment overall. Highly recommend!!
Auric Capital
Denver, Colorado
Y’all. Maria and Bert transformed our space. We felt heard and cared for through the entire process. The plants they choose took into consideration the safety of our cats, and when we walked back into our house after the install — oh my gosh, the smiles on our faces were stuck!!! Our house turned into a home because of them and their plant design.
Molly & Aitor
Salt Lake City, Utah
Maria and Bert are incredible to work with! They take the time to know you and your space, bringing your vision to life. They’ve transformed my space over time with their deep knowledge in plant design and made plant care feel doable. Cheers!
Sarah M
Denver, Colorado
With Foster Spaces, you are not only receiving a service and product, but rather an entire experience when you interact with Maria and Elbert. They know how to bring life into your space, while also bringing something special to the working relationship while they curate your environment with you.
MacKenzie K
Chicago, Illinois

Plants are our favorite way to help you design a space that improve outcomes!

With years of combined research into interior plant design, trial and error with our own spaces, and experience implementing biophilic design for others, we know exactly how to create something special where you can live, work, and be at your best.

This is the power of nature and our gift for bringing together elements of the earth for an ornate and uplifting room you won’t ever want to leave.

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