Looking for just the roots? (knowledge and design strategy, that is)

Our hearts and our headquarters may be in Michigan, but we’re here to lend our green thumbs to build out a dream green space for any and all, far and wide

We’re totally open to a long-distance relationship when plants are involved

Our plant consultations are the perfect way to work with Foster Spaces from afar. You can expect the same friendly communication, intentional relationship-building, and breathtaking biophilic design with the expert guidance you would get in person. 

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Our team

The amazing team members behind Decoration X

Maria Zimmer
Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Elbert Foster
Co-Founder & Creative Director

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Angel Ellis
Creative Director

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How does this work?
The gist: We provide the expertly crafted, custom plan, then walk you through everything you need to implement on your own (and trust us, it’s a very empowering and therapeutic process, too!):


We’ll start with a video chat together, where we’ll discover everything about your vision, goals, style preferences, and budget. This includes getting the lowdown on the conditions of your space, too – how much natural light is available, how many people will use the space, and what kinds of interactions you're hoping to cultivate there. 



Now for the most fun part! We’ll send over all the info you need to complete the room: specific plant recommendations, where to put them in your space, pot styles to look for, and soil. We’ll also collaborate with local plant shops or greenhouses in your area to source the best plants possible, AND include an in-depth Plant Care Document with exact steps for keeping your green space luscious and nurturing.



With your vision at the forefront, we’ll put your ideas and our expertise to work! We’ll reference the pictures you provide of your space to craft renderings and final designs. Once we receive your approval on these, we’ll get the details in motion!



Enjoy your new plant friends and all their benefits!

We are amazed at how well their design matched our vision and has brought new life to the space. The office not only looks polished and professional and alive, but it uplifts and brightens the workplace, making it a more productive environment overall. Highly recommend!!
Auric Capital
Denver, Colorado
Maria and Elbert were so amazing to work with. They truly are a wealth of knowledge and creativity when it comes to bringing your space to life with plant design. I had never owned or maintained plants before and they made care for each plant easy and comprehensive.
MacKenzie K
Chicago, Illinois
Our house turned into a home because of them and their plant design.
Molly & Aitor
Salt Lake City, Utah
Maria and Bert are incredible to work with! They take the time to know you and your space, bringing your vision to life. They’ve transformed my space over time with their deep knowledge in plant design and made plant care feel doable. Cheers!
Sarah & Aaron
Denver, Colorado