Take a moment to think about just how good it feels to sit in nature - listening to a waterfall, feeling a breeze of fresh air blow across your face, breathing in the smells of soil and greenery…

It’s intoxicating in ways that most man-made environments simply cannot match. But what if you could sit in that beauty, peace, and infusion of inspiration every day?
Foster Spaces brings nature inside by optimizing plant selection and light while incorporating earthy tones and textures into your space. All you have to do is let nature work its magic on your well-being and your productivity.

bio = life | philia = fondness or inclination

Biophilia (noun): the innate human tendency (and desire) to connect with nature and living things.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is our approach to creating your space, which simply means our aesthetic inspiration comes from the scientific fact that humans crave connection to nature, and that plants can influence your behavior and your emotions in wildly positive ways.

We believe that people can benefit from embracing the natural world in their spaces and we work hard to bring this into your plant-filled rooms with everything from moss or pebbles as soil cover, planters derived from natural elements, to the use of color and optimizing light.

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The Faces Behind Foster Spaces

maria zimmer - co-founder
data guru | Garden dweller

Maria’s love of plants was instilled in her while growing up in her family’s garden and learning about plants from her parents. But it wasn't until young adulthood that she realized the true impact plants have. After moving to the city from her childhood oasis in the country in West Michigan, she quickly realized how much she missed having integration with the plants.

After researching the data behind why plants are so powerful and building out her own indoor plant collection, she became more intentional with her green thumb. Through travel, she’s been inspired by international design and observing how different cultures integrate with the green spaces within their communities. She now channels all of this experience through Foster Spaces to empower others by aligning them with spaces that support their well-being and leave an impact on their lives.

Elbert d. foster - co-founder
Strategist | branding maestro

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan, Bert never really had access to green spaces and nature. In fact, his first time ever being fully immersed in nature was when he first set foot on a college campus. Could you imagine growing up without nature, only to recognize that as an adult it plays a huge role in who we are as humans? Maybe you didn’t either!

However, there's no coincidence that poverty levels are negatively associated with distances to parks and percentages of green spaces in urban areas while positively associated in rural areas. Bert’s motivation for cultivating Foster Spaces was a simple mission: To put more plants around people and more people around plants. Everyone deserves the benefits of what nature and biophilic design have to offer.

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Our first step together is to schedule a visit to meet in person and tour your location! We'll examine how much natural light is available, how many people will be using the space, and what kinds of interactions you're hoping to cultivate within the space. From there we gather info via discovery questions about your vision, goals, style preferences, and budget, and then we get to work on your design brief and proposal. 

With your vision at the forefront, we’ll put your ideas and our expertise to work! We’ll craft renderings and final designs, and once we receive your approval, we’ll schedule an installation date for everything that works best for you – and leave the rest up to us!

Now for the fun part! Our process includes hand-selecting every single plant that goes into your space, as well as the pots, soil cover, and any special orders you’ve requested. On install day, we bring all plants and tools necessary to complete all design implementations. And we’ll capture before & after photos of your brand-new green space. If you’ve opted for plant care, we’ll provide you with an educational session and guide to ensure that you feel confident in keeping your green space thriving!

If you’ve opted for our assistance with plant maintenance, we will deliver a soft plant care schedule for us to water, trim, and spruce so that your wild interior stays in top shape. Either way, you can rest assured we will follow up with you to make sure your space is exactly how you envisioned it (and hopefully even better!) 

The ethos of Foster Spaces is a blend of three components:
We are amazed at how well their design matched our vision and has brought new life to the space. The office not only looks polished and professional and alive, but it uplifts and brightens the workplace, making it a more productive environment overall. Highly recommend!!
Auric Capital
Denver, Colorado
Y’all. Maria and Bert transformed our space. We felt heard and cared for through the entire process. The plants they choose took into consideration the safety of our cats, and when we walked back into our house after the install — oh my gosh, the smiles on our faces were stuck!!! Our house turned into a home because of them and their plant design.
Molly & Aitor
Salt Lake City, Utah
Maria and Bert are incredible to work with! They take the time to know you and your space, bringing your vision to life. They’ve transformed my space over time with their deep knowledge in plant design and made plant care feel doable. Cheers!
Sarah M
Denver, Colorado
With Foster Spaces, you are not only receiving a service and product, but rather an entire experience when you interact with Maria and Elbert. They know how to bring life into your space, while also bringing something special to the working relationship while they curate your environment with you.
MacKenzie K
Chicago, Illinois
Our team

The amazing team members behind Decoration X

Maria Zimmer
Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Elbert Foster
Co-Founder & Creative Director

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Angel Ellis
Creative Director

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