Plants aren’t just for beautifying your home – your office environment deserves a little love, too. 

But you have more to gain than just aesthetics by bringing nature into your workspace.

Your job is a large percentage of your life. It’s how you make a living. And it’s how you contribute to the world. With that in mind, you don’t want that space to be filled with rigid materials or stuffy energy. 

You want to show up at your best, and plain white walls and empty spaces certainly can’t inspire much excitement or fervor in your daily tasks. This is why we believe plants are an essential part of any work environment. 

Imagine what this could do for your work personally, your team, and the collaborations that take place in your workspace… 

  • A boost in employees' morale because they have an environment they’re excited to operate in
  • An atmosphere that's conducive to collaboration and idea-sharing 
  • A collective reduction in stress, resulting in better performance and energy put into work
Improve my work with plants!

Workspace Transformation

When we implement biophilic design in your office space, we consider what you do, how you do it, and the energy you’re seeking to bring to support your work goals. Your final design will also be optimized for the specific conditions of the space, including window direction, light levels, and your existing furniture.

Plant rentals?
Yeah, it’s a thing!

We get it – plant parenthood is a big-time commitment, and sometimes looking to rent makes more sense than buying. When you hire us to revamp your workspace, we rent out the plants to you – this way, you get the high dosage of plant benefits without the responsibility of keeping them for life. 

Our team will work with you to identify a variety of foliage to compliment your space for short or extended rentals. We will provide planted foliage in pots, with delivery and installation available, and is paired with routine care and maintenance at a monthly rate.

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We are amazed at how well their design matched our vision and has brought new life to the space. The office not only looks polished and professional and alive, but it uplifts and brightens the workplace, making it a more productive environment overall. Highly recommend!!
Auric Capital
Denver, Colorado
Maria and Elbert were so amazing to work with. They truly are a wealth of knowledge and creativity when it comes to bringing your space to life with plant design. I had never owned or maintained plants before and they made care for each plant easy and comprehensive.
MacKenzie K
Chicago, Illinois
Our house turned into a home because of them and their plant design.
Molly & Aitor
Salt Lake City, Utah
Maria and Bert are incredible to work with! They take the time to know you and your space, bringing your vision to life. They’ve transformed my space over time with their deep knowledge in plant design and made plant care feel doable. Cheers!
Sarah & Aaron
Denver, Colorado

Green design in the workplace will suit…

  • The commercial office looking to bring more inspiration and vibrancy to their space – and knock out the palpable feelings of stress and anxiety – for happier, more productive workers.
  • The business owner who wants to increase traffic, boost sales from willing customers, and keep customers lingering for longer than they would in a plant-less store or business. 
  • Co-working spaces of any size that want to foster collaboration and innovative ideas – and stand out from the other spaces like it around town!
  • A hospital or wellness space looking to boost recovery times, lessen reliance on medications, and infuse more positive feelings for your patients.
  • A school or a teacher in an individual classroom looking to keep your students engaged in a deeper manner, evoke more curiosity, and become better observers (did we mention that plants have been shown to help raise students’ test scores by up to 20%?!) 
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Our team

The amazing team members behind Decoration X

Maria Zimmer
Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Co-Founder & Lead Designer

Elbert Foster
Co-Founder & Creative Director

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Angel Ellis
Creative Director

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