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Questions about biophilic plant design?

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What Questions Can We Clear Up?

What does it look like to work with Foster Spaces? Why you and not the other guys?

With Foster Spaces, you get a power couple team which combines the creative direction and design with the data and first-hand experience with plants to bring you a space that’s filled with sustainable interior style via plants – and don’t be surprised if you develop a whole new appreciation for your greenery along the way. We believe in the human-plant connection that is the basis of biophilic design, and the power behind that connection in improving your life on many levels. Our partnership will feel like working with friends who not only know plants, but care about how they’ll fit into your everyday life.

You can learn more specifics of our process and philosophy on our About Page!

I’ve never owned plants before and even find them a little intimidating to care for – I’m a busy human! But I love the idea of a plant-filled space. Can you help me?

You bet! We totally get that caring for houseplants can be an overwhelming skill to master, but we do believe this shouldn’t stop you from embracing a green space! This is precisely why we also offer plant care and maintenance along with our indoor plant design services. Even if you don’t choose to have us maintain the plants in your space for you, we’ll equip you with the resources and knowledge you need to make sure they have all the light, water, and caring for they’ll need to flourish. We’ve got you, friend!

Does Foster Spaces offer outdoor plant design or care for plants I already own?

Unfortunately, we are not an outdoor landscape service and do not maintain outdoor spaces nor do we play doctor to plants you already own, but we’ll work around and with them if you are wanting to keep them in addition to what we’ll bring into your space.

I live outside of the West Michigan area. Can I still hire Foster Spaces for indoor plant design?

Absolutely! We offer remote plant design services which include the design process, getting to know you and your space, plant identification & knowledge transfer. We will only ship plants and/or travel to you for additional costs. Reach out to us if that’s you!

Where do you source your plants and materials from?

We source all of our plants and materials from local vendors and small-businesses who source from across the globe!

I want to do a complete overhaul of my home or office space. Do you offer other elements of interior design?

Foster Spaces exists to conduct full-scale indoor plant design; however, we do not do traditional interior design that includes furniture, painting, throw pillows, or artwork – biophilic design is an entirely separate approach and our biggest strength!

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